Mystical Tour 5 days

This tour package can be customized depending upon your preferences and choice. We are committed to showcase you the best of Haiti in the best possible way.

The mystics of the region existed long before the Africans brought voodoo from Africa to the country. The Taínos, who were the former inhabitants of the region used to practice a lot of rituals and worships many gods. They have left behind a world of evidence by stone carving and  in caves throughout the region. Interestingly, some of the same old traditions continue to practice today in some places in the Northern region.

To really discover and experience the mysteries of the country, you must first explore the essence that makes it mysterious. Voodoo, the mirror of the country’s past, struggled, and triumph. Its reflections manifest in every aspect of the Haitian society. For those who are intellectually curious and ready for adventures that create life changing and magical experience, our mystical tour will erase every doubt and misconception that you ever had and satisfy your hunger for learning.

Day 1 Enjoy a welcome dinner at your hotel and your MYSTICAL adventure begins with guided walking tour on the Charming City of Cap Haitian. As the night finally arrives, you will enjoy Voodoo show by a local folkkloric group designed specially for you, as a token of appreciation.

Day 2-3 Discover the secret ritual sites of the taino Indians, travel through underground pathways to explore many ceremonial sites, learn the sacred arts and signs of voodoo, experience firsthand the science of natural healing using herbs and all the elements of life. As an added bonus, intellectually curious travelers will have the opportunity to attend to live ceremony and rituals practice. On this tour you will you learn the difference between Lakou and Habitation, and also visit the first Lakou in the country which dated back to the late 1600’s.

Day 4 Explore the town of Plaine du Nord and famous mud pool also known as ” Basin St Jacques”, which holds the tittle for the most celebrated Religious Pilgrimage Festival in the Country. Next we visit Bois Caiman, the place where the Boukman, a Voodoo Priest sacrified a Pig during the ceremony in the eve of the last battle in which the Haitian army defeated the Napoleon’s army. There are many speculations around the Ceremony of Bois Caiman, you can rest assure that you will be thaught the most accurate and relevant history.

Day 5 En route to the Mache Touriste or Tourist Market for some last minute shopping. As much as we would love for you to stay, we understand that all good things come to an end. However, you can extend your journey to explore even more mysterious places like Souvenance, Lovanna and many more.


Lakou Dereal

Basin St Jacques

Lovanna and more


5-day trip begins and ends Cap Haitian

4 nights at a charming hotels

All meals included except for alcohol beverages

All fees including security, driver, park entrance, and tips to tour Ambassadors are not permitted.


This trip is available year round or as mother nature permits and is not recommended for children under 17 years old.


A mix of moderate walks, hikes, treks, horseback riding, 2-3 hours a day. No necessary skills required.


$ 1499 (12-20 members)

$ 1589 (6-11 members)

Single supplement: $879.99

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