Experience the rich diversity of the region’s  ecological system. With over 6o waterfalls, miles of mangroves and lush tropical vegetation, beautiful mountains, unspoiled coral reefs, and countless number of species, come rejuvenate your spirit and rediscover the simplicity of life.

Have a desire to explore the richness of the new world the way Christopher Columbus did? Visit the new world’s first and most incredible symbol of Freedom the “Citadel”. Visit majestic palaces and over 50 forts and batteries. Let us take you to a memorable and life-changing journey to discover what other visitors will eagerly want to talk about. Your world history lesson starts here…

The Haitian culture is truly unique. It is a mix of european, indian, and african influences that can be distinctly recognized throughout the country, and more specifically in the northern region’s art, music, and cuisine. With it’s breath-taking impressions, the naïve art of the locals will captivate your imagination. The music and exquisite northern cuisine will satisfy even the most selective music ethusiasts and refined  food connoisseurs. 

Contact us to see what we have to offer that will likely be the exploration of a lifetime and a most enriching experience.


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