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We are truly excited to share with you our world of adventurous and educational tours! For almost a decade, our staff has traveled extensively in every corner of the northern region of Haiti to bring you the best the country has to offer. With a 15:1 guest to tour ambassador ratio, we guarantee that you will not be left behind when you join us on these wonderful excursions. Whether you are alone or traveling with a small group, we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy our spectacular treks, hiking, and horseback riding adventures that are designed to explore cultural and natural heritage of the region.


Our core philosophy is simple: it’s not just where you travel, but how you travel and with whom you take the journey. In Northern Haiti you will likely encounter a sense of brotherhood and unity among the inhabitants. The people of Northern Haiti are known for being friendly to the extent that strangers often extend warm greetings. It does not matter which part of the world you are from, when you are here, you become part of the region’s extended family.


We pay great attention to detail, which is why our emphasis is on introducing you to the wealth of history, culture, and unique way of life in the northern region of Haiti. While exploring these marvelous sites, we endeavor to preserve the region’s historical monuments and natural wonders to offer a distinctive experience. Destination North Haiti Tours promises a life-altering and unforgettable journey that will whet the appetite for further exploration of the area’s beautiful landscapes. In addition to providing a great itinerary, we also select tour guides from various towns who can provide the in-depth knowledge of the area that only an “insider” can. Not only do these excursions allow our tour guides to improve their quality of life, but the interchange during these trips proves to be quite an enriching experience for tour participants. Take a tour with us—take the only tour that will truly make a difference!



CULTURE - 100 %


RELAX - 80 %


I wanted to get in touch about the trip my husband and I took last weekend to Cap Haitian. We loved seeing the Citadel, the hotel was wonderful and we greatly enjoyed the restaurant Deco Plage that we were taken to. The tour guide at the Sans Souci Palace and Citadel was very knowledgeable and a great guide. Your prices were very reasonable and having a driver was very convenient.- Carolyn Gordon Texas USA -

You have some really interesting itineraries, so I would be happy to learn more from you about some of the parts of the north that I haven't yet had a chance to visit. - Paul Clammer -

Best cultural tour that I have ever taken. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and proud of their heritage. They were able to show us much more than we had anticipated. - Lachlan, New Zealand -



Just book your flight and Pack your Bags_ We will take care of the rest. We take the burden off your shoulder, literally. It's good to know that from the moment you make up your mind to travel with us to your travel date, we will be there for you. And when you finally arrive until your tour's end, our staff will still be there with you. Our staff and Tour Ambassadors have extensive experience in the hospitality industries and have worked in various countries around the world.


Our Travel programs are designed to provide you with best and most authentic experiences and exclusivity to some of the country's most sacred and hidden sites without compromising on Quality. Whatever your style of travel is, if it involves education and adventure, we guarantee you will love us. We offer soft adventure and educational journeys for every interest at their own pace, from extraordinary hiking in the countryside to horseback riding in many historic, national and regional heritage sites to explore many world heritage sites, the choice is yours.


Responsible and sustainable tourism is an extraordinary way to connect people across borders and cultures. We know that men did not create or own this planet, is it for everyone to share, experience, and protect. That is why we are committed to environmentally responsible, low-impact tourism, and we strongly believe in preserving region’s natural, historical heritage sites.

In addition, we are also dedicated to cure the disease of poverty in the region through educational tourism. We provide free training to local tour guides, security officers, and to many small organizations in the region. Our itineraries are also built around the locals, peasants, private and public sectors. We use the services of many local businesses, including those in the remote areas of the region. Join us on quest to make this part of the world a more sustainable and beautiful place live and visit.